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The Allan Farrow Story

Allan Farrow was raised on a family farm in Ontario Canada. He went on to spend his entire life in agriculture, as a farmer, businessman and visionary both in the US and Canada. Allan contributing
a great deal to agriculture, including the very first Liquid Calcium ever produced in the world.


He worked with the Atomic Energy committee and Michigan State University where he established
that Foliar Feeding works at 99%. Allan also established and introduced water soluble samples.


Allan Farrow helped build Na-Churs (Alpine) Liquid Plant Food Company, later becoming President
and Chairman of the Board. After many years with Na-Churs, Allan decided to start his own company
and established InstaGro Liquid Plant Foods in 1981. There he was free to pursue new innovations
and develop his comprehensive approach to soil health, soil management and sustainability.


That philosophy guided InstaGro's early path and remains one of it's core principals to this day.

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