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InstaCal and 5-20-5

"Our farm has used a wide array of the (InstaGro) products. The calcium product has proven to help the health of our crops.
We’ve used a 2 gal/acre rate on several of our fungicide sprays and the plant has stayed very healthy. I’m running about 1.5% higher 
on my sugar content than the company average."
"I used a 5 to 7 ½ gal/acre rate of 5-20-5 product in a T-band before the closing wheels on my planter. We did not see any damage to the seed at any rate and soil type we tried. The product was very user friendly. We plan on using a 10 gal/acre rate for the upcoming year."
---- Farms, Michigan

InstaCal, Manganese and 5-20-5

"Used 5-20-5 in furrow in sugar beets and corn, manganese and calcium on beets and soys and calcium on corn.
Very pleased with how its working and plan to use more next year."
------- Farms, Michigan

InstaCal and Instagro Custom Tomato Blend

"I used InstaGro Custom Tomato Blend and InstaCal. InstaGro Custom Tomato Blend worked pretty good. This is the most tomatoes we have ever grown. Color is excellent and we got more tomatoes.  It worked great on all my other vegetables too.  Best garden ever."

L.S.  Marion, Ohio

InstaGro Custom Tomato and Vegetable Special Blends

"Everything came up faster, ripened quicker, better color, healthier plants and they just keep coming! Best crop ever! I’m telling everyone, I used both the Insta-Gro Custom Tomato Blend, Insta-Gro Vegetable Special and Insta-Cal on my produce farm."  
Henry Petersheim, Larue Ohio
"I used Insta-Gro Custom Tomato Blend and Insta-Cal. Insta-Gro Custom Tomato Blend worked pretty good. This is the most tomatoes we have ever grown. Color is excellent and we got more tomatoes. It worked great on all my other vegetables too. Best garden ever.” 
Roger Gattshall, Marion Ohio

InstaGro Crop Digester

"The organic matter on my farm was 1.6 to 2.1. I have been using the InstaGro Crop Digester program for 10 years and the organic matter is up to 4.2 to 4.3. I usually apply it the first 2 weeks of November and if temperatures cooperate we see white mold in 2-3 weeks indicating the bacteria is breaking down the organic matter. The bacteria hibernates in temperatures about under 50 degrees, however in the spring it comes back to life and finishes up turning the organic matter into humus."
Rick Dues, St Henry OH

InstaGro Pit and Manure Digester

"We are very pleased with what we have seen with adding the InstaGro Pit and Manure program to our slurry store. There has been very little crust to be agitated. The manure became much darker and after spreading it on the field and after the liquid portion of the manure had been absorbed into the soil, there were no pieces of straw or corn, or corn cob which is usually the case."
Ladwig Bros Fall River WI
"Everything the Instagro representative told me that it would do for my hog manure pits has happened and I am really pleased with the crust and how it is breaking it up. There is no crust anymore and I am really looking forward to what it’s going to do in the spring. The flies are gone."  *Soil testing that spring (2014) indicated that there was more available Nitrogen in the field where the treated manure was applied. Lloyd Rayner, Fairgrove MI
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