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Innovation and Technology

Research & Development

InstaGro has an outstanding reputation for developing new formulas and methods in response to the challenges our customers face. Our Chief Chemist and amazing team of lab and plant personnel have created a wide variety of high performance products and agricultural solutions over the years. At InstaGro, we don't believe in resting on our laurels,
so our search for new innovations and potential products never ends.  


Allan Farrow developed the "InstaGro Energizer" in 1978. Energizer is proprietary blend that stimulates bio-activity 
in soil through sugar and carbon. Energizer can be added
to numerous formulas thereby increasing effectiveness
and overall results.

New Products

Our latest additions include a Custom Tomato Blend
and Vegetable Special Blend. These unique fertilizer products were developed to meet the needs of both producers and gardeners. Results have been positive
and the response from our customers... Amazing! 

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