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Results you can count on

At InstaGro, quality is our number one concern.  We make every effort to ensure that our materials are of the
high quality we expect and our customers deserve. InstaGro takes very strict measures to make certain that
each product is the absolute best it can be.
Quality Control

Our raw materials are of the highest grade and are tested prior to acceptance making sure it is the quality we expect. 
All samples are coded and retained.  We know that when you start with top quality materials, you'll have the highest quality products. Each shipment is thoroughly checked by quality assurance and preserved for over a year for each product, raw material and shipment.

Lab Results

Every production batch is sampled, tested and retained to  make sure the color, weight and pH are correct. A sample from every 5th batch or product is sent to an independent 
lab for analysis to confirm its quality. The samples are then coded, tracked and retained. This allows us to trace back every batch made, every raw material received and every truck load shipped should any issue arise.

Field Results

InstaGro has proudly served countless farmers and producers over the years, always knowing that their success is our success. 
We understand that all the testing in the world won't mean a thing if it doesn't work in the field. Successful farmers need to know more than "if" or "how" a product works... they need to know how well a product works before they spend their hard earned money. Don't just take our word for it, why not hear from farmers who have used InstaGro products themselves? 

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