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Products & Services

InstaGro Liquid Plant Foods are 100% Ortho and Homogenized. Most of our InstaGro products have a near neutral pH, very low salt index, often no heavy metals and can be soil or foliar applied.

Both our Pit & Lagoon Digester and Crop Residue Digester Programs are highly effective and easy
to use. The efficient breakdown of organic matter releases valuable nutrients and energy into the soil. See how InstaGro products can improve your yields!

Soil Amendments are critical to the health of your soil and the success of your crops. InstaGro offers a full range of liquid products and micronutrients to address all of your needs. 

  • Soil Testing

  • Soil Balancing

  • Tissue/BRIX Testing

  • Crop Programming

  • Soil and Crop Recommendations

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