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About InstaGro

InstaGro is a forerunner in foliar feeding and promoting the benefits of liquid fertilizers over dry. We understand the specific needs of each farmer, the need for the highest yields and long-term sustainability. Through developing the finest quality liquid plant foods, InstaGro has become an industry leader in the pursuit of quality, innovation and outstanding results.
Our Company
Quality Standards

InstaGro is based in Caledonia, OH and currently serves farmers and producers throughout the Midwest and Canada. Our primary focus is on Liquid Plant Foods, Soil and Bio Stimulants and Soil Amendments.


Our founder, Allan Farrow was a pioneer in the field and took part
in the original test trials for foliar feeding. That innovative spirit is
still with us today. As new technology or Agricultural issues arise, InstaGro  is ready to meet the challenge.

InstaGro is committed to the highest quality of our products as well as the efficiency of our processes. Through rigorous testing and attention to detail, we ensure the integrity of every product
we sell.

Our People

InstaGro's employees, salesmen and distributors are some of the best out there. Their dedication and expertise combined with years of personal experience in the field is a tremendous asset to the farmers and producers they serve.

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