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Hands in the Soil
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for a healthier

sustainable future

Products and Services

InstaGro is proud to offer only the highest quality liquid fertilizers, micronutrients,
soil amendments, and bio-stimulants in the industry. Our unwavering commitment
to responsible soil management, innovation and sustainability guides every aspect
of the company. 

Quality Control
Results &
Why liquid...why now?

Liquid Plant Foods offer many benefits beyond what dry products can typically provide. These benefits can greatly increase yields, profits and the health of your soil

  • CONSISTENCY: Uniform application means you get identical nutrient content in every drop

  • EFFICIENCY: Precise placement and application at critical growth stages

  • MAXIMUM UPTAKE: 100% Ortho and Plant Available for faster starts and healthier plants

  • LOW SALT: Limits potential for seed burn *Seed Safe* when used as directed

  • INCREASED YIELDS: Precision placement and timing maximizes plant health

  • EASIER TO CUSTOMIZE: Faster formula changes in response to evolving crop conditions

  • EASIER TO BLEND: Can blend with crop protection products

  • VERSATILE: Can be ground or foliar applied. Ideal for drip foliar and fine spray applications

  • SUSTAINABLE: Low application rates combined and high efficiency for long term sustainability

  • USE LESS: You can use far less liquid product for maximum results and less run-off potential


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