INSTA-GRO Manufacturing, Inc. is a Liquid Plant Food Company serving the Agricultural Industry with plant food products made from pure food grade materials.  The INSTA-GRO company offers a complete line of high performance products that have always supported the 4R’s concept for over 65 years with its pioneer work with Liquid Plant Foods, which provides for long term sustainability. INSTA-GRO has always believed in providing nutrients to plants when and where they can be utilized the most efficiently.

INSTA-GRO has soil balancing amenities INSTA-CAL, INSTA-SUL and INSTA-K that provide unique soil conditioning properties that will truly enhance your soils for long term sustainability.

INSTA-GRO liquid plant food, 9-18-9-1, 3-18-18-1, 5-15-15; 10-10-10, 5-20-5-1, Residue digester, and Pit and Lagoon Digester were formulated to give plants nutrients required for maximum yields, by making the nutrients in soluble forms and adding INSTA-GRO’s energizer for enhanced uptake of nutrients and a bigger root mass.

INSTA-GRO representatives focus on the use of soil and tissue samples to provide growers with fertility recommendations that match the best possible yields, while employing sustainable agricultural practices. INSTA-GRO takes pride in stewardship of the environment and strives to provide earth-friendly solutions that produce the best returns.

“Been using Residue Digester for 10 years.  Organic matter was 1.6 – 2.1 and it is up to 4.2 – 4.3.  I put it on the first 2 weeks of Nov.  When temperatures cooperates we see the white mold in 2-3 weeks.  The bacteria hibernates in temperatures under about 50 degrees.  In spring, it finishes up and turns to humus.” – Rick Dues - OH
“Even the animals know the difference! I show this to other farmers by putting some of my hay grown with Insta-Gro Liquid Plant Food in one corner of their pen and some of the farmers hay without Insta-Gro Liquid Plant Food in the other corner of their pen.  The cows will finish off the hay grown with Insta-Gro and stand and bellow for more even though the other hay is still in the pen.” – Leon Beitz – Wisconsin
“What farmer would not be happy with the results”…Josh Minton – Indiana 
“Been using Insta-Gro since 1981 as starter in the corn and it grew from there…”  Duane Schulz – WI
“Since we went fully using Insta-Gro 29 years ago, not one pound of dry fertilizer has been used” – Ervin Chumney – Ohio